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Powered by the magic of your story.
Unleashing your story’s full potential.
At cadabra, we believe every story deserves to be shared, and every audience to be captivated. Together, we’ll embark on a journey of collaboration to bring your stories to life, forging new connections and communities one chapter at a time.

Discovering new ways to tell tales.

Any story can go from ordinary to extraordinary with the right telling. We thrive on exploring fresh twists on classic methods, forging into new expressions of narrative, shared experience and audience participation.

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Redefining the spaces we share.

Our passion for working with people from all sectors knows no bounds, but when it comes time to truly push the limits of creative thinking, we really love developing projects in these three playgrounds:

  • Culture
  • Tourism
  • Brands

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Once upon a time… your story begins here.

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