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An immersive experience 80 feet in the air.
Société d’histoire du Lac Saint-Jean

360-degree immersive film

Alma, Quebec, Canada
Alma, Quebec, Canada
An ancient water tower perched 80 feet in the air, overlooking the town of Alma below, houses an immersive film that follows the extraordinary journey of a refugee family who have left their native home to make their way to Lac Saint-Jean.

The Sea Inside is a family epic and veritable living mural, a dramatically immersive experience that merges the visual arts with poetic storytelling.The film is preceded by an interactive experience,The Travel Journal, which underscores the richly symbolic relationship between water and deep memory.

Point of view

The Sea Inside is a story of the universal quest for home and belonging. With a narrative carried by a small house set symbolically adrift in a turbulent sea by a tsunami, the film explores the migrant dream of a family seeking refuge in a sea with no more danger… an inland sea. The beautiful lands and warm, welcoming people of the Lac Saint-Jean region are presented through the eyes of the travellers, who dream ahead of their new homeland.


Create a fictional work that captures a universal and artistically engaging point of view, fulfilling a tourism mandate that aims to showcase the exceptional people and beauty of the Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean region. Design an inviting and moving immersive experience in a metallic industrial structure that vibrates with every gust of wind and stands 80 feet in the air. Produce a narrative work of fiction that blends poetry and the visual arts, most notably by contrasting traditional methods of artistic expression with contemporary 360-degree video capture drone technology.

Floating House
Big wave
Floating House


This immersive spectacle was produced using a mix of hand drawing, watercolour, image animation and 360-degree video techniques. It was brought to life through collaborations with visual artist Carine Khalife, production company Canopée Médias, composer Robert Pelletier and musical director and sound designer Javier Asencio. The film was carried by the words of Pekuakamishkueu poet Marie-Andrée Gill, who wrote the narration.

From the visual scope to the audio score, the latest film from Alma’s L’Odyssée des Bâtisseurs is a success.

Yohann Harvey Simard – Journal Le Lac Saint-Jean

Water Tower

At the end of a pedestrian walkway still dotted with vestiges of the industrial era, an open-air gallery offers a breathtaking view of the sweeping landscape of Alma and the Saguenay river. Eighty feet in the air, the ancient water tower is transformed into a projection arena that is today recognized as a beacon of artistic expression.

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