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Unearthing the secrets of Percé in a unique adventure.
UNESCO Global Geopark of Percé

Interactive adventure

Percé, Canada
Percé, Canada
Visitors follow the story of a captivating reader of stones as they take in the geological wonders of the Percé region. Fascination lies at the bedrock of this immersive experience.


How can we make geology exciting? How can we attract visitors to explore the 23 amazing geosites of the Percé region, above and beyond the celebrated wonder of Percé Rock? This was the challenge the UNESCO Global Geopark of Percé delivered to the cadabra creative team before opening season. The community-driven Percé Geopark initiative, kicked off and financed in part by a counsel of businesswomen and men in the area, is really a kind of love letter from the proud population to the region.


In order to break through the perception that geology has no power to move, we needed to pique the curiosity of our visitors, engaging them through feeling—we needed to transform this seemingly static science into a dynamic experience. The cadabra team brought the stones of Percé alive through numerous interactive stations that were the heart of this multimedia experience. Locals and visitors alike were dazzled by the discoveries they made, and further motivated to explore the Geopark’s gems.


In 2017, the Percé Geopark welcomed 140,000 visitors. The diversified offer, including the Tektonik experience, has contributed to the exceptional enthusiasm of the public. The Geopark has seen net profits since its 2nd season, which reflects a direct lift for the entire Percé municipality.


paying visitors came to the Geopark’s attractions in 2017.


prestigious awards have highlighted Tektonik’s digital creativity since its debut.

An interactive sandbox for custom landscapes!

One of the multi-faceted journey’s most popular pit stops is an actual pit—an interactive sandbox that lets guests get hands-on in creating valley and mountain ranges by hand.

The interactivity doesn’t stop there: depending on the depth reached, various textures are revealed. Snow, grass, earth, all the way to water, making it possible for playful visitors to create rivers as well.

TEKTONIK is at the heart of the Geopark adventure, a formidable tool for introducing people to the geology and history of the region, while leaving them wanting to learn more.

Marie-Claude Costisella, Spokesperson for the UNESCO Global Geopark of Percé



NUMIX Award — “Cultural Production” Category


SMQ Award — Category 2: Projects between $750,000 and $2 million

To learn more, take a trip to the Géoparc de Percé, a relatively new community-driven project that celebrates everything rock related. To this end, they have developed a number of local trails to surrounding geosites. I’d recommend checking out the excellent interactive Tektonik exhibit before picking up a trail map.

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