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The magic is in living something.

I would rather entertain and hope that people learned something than educate people and hope they were entertained.

Walt Disney

Who is cadabra? We are a team of innovators, story-seekers, experts and dreamers. Our mission is to transform narratives and content of all nature and magnitude into collective immersive experiences that stimulate, unify and astound. From our multi-disciplinary studio in Montréal, a city recognized worldwide for its creativity, we draw on elements of theatre, cinema and showmanship to heighten audience engagement.
We are creative.
We are committed.
We are cadabra.
Our Manifesto

At cadabra, we believe every story deserves to be shared, and every audience to be captivated. Together, we embark on a journey of collaboration to bring your stories to life, forging new connections and communities one chapter at a time.

From the beginning, passionate creative energy joins forces with industry-leading technology. Fuelled by this mix, the brilliant richness of your content is revealed and amplified—information elevated to inspiration. Across all ages and demographics, the strength of immersive storytelling unites your audience, senses thrilled and imaginations captured.

Just like that, content comes alive with a pulse of shared experience. To us, that is nothing short of magical.

cadabra. powered by the magic of your story.

Join the team

We are always open to adding curious, creative, talented people to our team.
Behind the curtain #cadabramazing
cadabra's team at work
statera lanterns by cadabra
members of cadabra's technical crew in production
cadabra's brand stationnery with iridescent print
cadabra's crew member working outside in front of statera's dome
cadabra's iridescent business cards
fake montage of infinity war with a cadabra's crew member
cadabra's team member joking around with a hawaian-shirt wearing teddy bear
computer screens
father and son dressed as chewbacca
Testing the projection equipment in a 360 degree dome
cadabra's crew member in front of green screen
empty office chairs in circle with a coke bottle in the middle on the ground
people enjoying desjardins's experience at statera
cadabra's crew member submerged in blue optic fibers
cadabra's crew member painting a decor
computer screen showing the movement of the green screen
rubber ducks in a small water puddle on rooftop

Once upon a time… your story begins here.

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