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Uniting audiences through the power of multimedia experiences.

We believe that any content can be brought to life in a way that makes it memorable, novel, impactful and ultimately shareable. Our expertise is seeing information transcend the functional and become something audiences can touch, see and play with, infusing traditional methods of storytelling with modern visual interpretations and futuristic touches.
Discovering new ways to tell tales.

We specialize in visual storytelling to engage audiences through the full spectrum of their senses, connecting them more fully to each experience. We partner with you at every step of the way to reveal the strengths and unique facets your story has to offer, creating customized experience design that reflects who you are and your content’s true potential.

We use a wide range of channels, media and communication methods to craft your narrative. Our projects are highly interactive, drawing on light, sound, video, stage design and special effects to create breathtakingly immersive moments. Together, we build an interactive multimedia experience that welcomes, entertains, teaches or amazes, and leaves an impression that lasts a lifetime.

Photo credit: Hé! Photographes

Photo credit: Hé! Photographes

Redefining the spaces we share.

In an era of rethinking spaces as areas of connection, community and creativity, we can help you develop experiential destinations that come alive with welcoming appeal. From your work spaces to spots intended for entertainment or simply for living life, we partner with a vast variety of people from all horizons, especially:

Like the air we breathe, culture is all around us, spilling beyond the dedicated spaces where we celebrate it. Even traditional cultural hubs like museums are thinking beyond their walls, exploring new ways to disseminate their treasures and stories to invite interactive participation.
We believe places have personalities all their own, reflecting the surrounding community who have created a collective home. We delve into each geo-character to create deeper meaning and heartfelt connections that locals are proud of and visitors are wowed by.
Behind every organization is the people who bring it to life. We partner with them to determine what drives their business story, and see what chapters are left to be shaped, created and shared.

Photo credit: Hé! Photographes

Once upon a time… your story begins here.

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