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Explore a brand-new urban environment through the power of a multi-sensorial 9D experience.
Lodha Group

Multisensory Experience 9D/VR

Palava, India
Palava, India
Palava 9D plunges the audience into the virtual heart of a new intelligent city-ecosystem called Palava, a development being constructed 50km from Mumbai, the most populated city in India.

The vastly ambitious Palava project, named one of world’s top new cities to look out for by The Economist, invites potential buyers and future residents to explore the development years before the impressive site will be completed.

Equipped with virtual reality headsets, participants begin their journey by boat, moving along a magnificent river that follows the shores of the new city. Next they explore the city’s generous and lush green spaces by cart, experiencing how nature has inspired design. The immersive tour is rounded out aboard a drone, which provides breathtaking views over the unforgettable Palava landscape.

This hyper-realistic and multi-sensorial adventure heightens emotion and brings the natural wonders and environment of the development to life. Lodha, the real estate developer behind the project, is building on their position as a leader in their field to create a truly remarkable experience for their consumers. Where many developers remain satisfied with promoting their developments through conventional methods, Lodha is raising the bar by offering their consumers a true glimpse into the future, one that hasn’t yet been built. By bringing the world of Palava to life today, this seven-minute experience makes a world of difference for tomorrow.

Photo Credit: Harry Verma Photography

Photo Credit: Harry Verma Photography

Photo Credit: cadabra

Photo Credit: cadabra

Photo Credit: cadabra

Photo Credit: Harry Verma Photography


The most pressing challenge was adequately representing the values of the real estate developer while creating an educational experience, all with the entertainment impact of an amusement park. The cadabra team was on a mission to inspire strong emotional connections with a broad range of potential clients, relying on narrative and technological approaches that were as captivating as they were unifying.


Palava offers a whole new take on urban living, thanks to an infrastructure design built to provide a higher quality of life to its residents. The strong presence of water and vegetation aims to celebrate nature and its proximity, and the Palava 9D experience was conceived as a reflection of this lifestyle evolution towards sustainable development. The immersive narrative is a balanced blend of urbanism, innovation and emotion.

During a multi-sensorial tour, visitors are transported into the Palava universe, witnesses to the completed beauty of the fully-constructed city. The 9D experience combines computer-generated 3D images, virtual reality, a moving seat system, scent generation and a whirlwind of special effects. The combined power of these sensorial elements creates an experience that is both unique and memorable.

With a debut welcome of 16,000 visitors in the first three months of the exhibit, Palava 9D is a confirmed success. The popularity quickly translated to increased conversion rates and unit sales, a principle target for the client.

The sales figures are also showing positive trend with improved sales conversion ratios.

Ajay Bhatia, Lodha Group



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