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The Birthplace of Canada presented as a living multimedia feat.
Birthplace of Canada historical site

Outdoor immersive show

Gaspé, Canada
Gaspé, Canada
In 1534, French explorer Jacques Cartier planted his cross on the Gaspé Bay, forever changing the course of North American history. As part of the celebrations of the 150th anniversary of the Canadian Confederacy, cadabra was invited to present the site’s rich history.


How to travel back in time almost 9,000 years to capture and relive the story of this historic and touristic site? How to blend the elements of nature with innovative methods of storytelling?


The cadabra team designed, built and staged this historical extravaganza over three enormous sails, commemorating the great ships of the past that were crucial to the region’s development and a symbol of nature’s raw power.


Guided by the presence of Mi’Gma’gi, a representative of the Mii’kmaq people, the audience is transported through time with a 17-minute al fresco recreation of the history of the Birthplace of Canada.

The cadabra team delivered a multimedia adventure of flying colours, amazing and often little-known historical discoveries to light. The quality of both the finished product and audience reactions went above and beyond our expectations.

Laurie-Isabelle Denis
General Manager, Birthplace of Canada

Photo credit: Christine B. Picard

Photo credit: Christine B. Picard

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