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Heating up Montréal nights with a feast for the senses.
Bateau-Mouche au Vieux Port de Montréal

Immersive light and sound show

Montréal, Canada
Montréal, Canada
This must-experience immersive boat tour on the Bateau-Mouche is a taste of Montréal’s pulsing, vibrant nightlife, with a light finale that pays tribute to the energy of the city.


Reinvigorate the riverboat dinner cruise experience by injecting awe and surprise for passengers, while updating the attraction’s positioning. Work with the technological constraints of a floating venue.


The boat’s unique form and architecture made LED bands a front-running choice, but the calibre of the overall effect required complex and intricate consideration.


Montréal summers are a beacon of electric nightlife. With temperatures that soar even at night, the city comes alive with dancing, fine dining and all celebrations of life. The visually stunning light display by Adam Hummel captures the movement and brightness of the city at night, while the beat of the accompanying original soundtrack and sound design by Jacques Greene captures the heat and rhythm of the city at play.

The feedback is excellent and the cheers speak for themselves… the WOW factor we wanted for the cruise is definitely there!

Lyne Joly
President, Le Bateau-mouche au Vieux-Port de Montréal

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