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A one-of-a-kind 4D experience in Alberta’s Pehonan Theatre.
Legislative Assembly of Alberta

4D Experience

Edmonton, Alberta
Edmonton, Alberta
The theatre’s unique circular space creates a magical backdrop for Princess Louise Caroline Alberta as she takes visitors on a journey through the history of Alberta.


The cadabra team was tasked with producing an experience that would integrate seamlessly into the official Albertan parliament exposition, which was produced by Lord Cultural Resources. The history of Alberta’s parliamentary, cultural character, values and realities needs more than just two-dimensional storytelling to do its telling true justice.


The physical hardships faced by the men and women who shaped Alberta’s political, agricultural and social foundations are alive and present in this multi-sensory story, thanks to the inclusion of tactile elements that juxtapose past and present reality.


With 27 million video pixels and actual wind, snow and fog, the team created an unparalleled audience experience. Twelve video projectors broadcasting onto 3,500 sheets around the room, a symbol of the body of Alberta’s legislature, with a central collapsible cylindrical screen and actual weather elements in this intimate theatre to make the experience truly livable and unique.

The multi-purpose room was designed to adjust easily to a range of events, from conferences to small-scale shows.

Smoke Screen

One of the indisputable highlights of the show is a 360-degree projection played against a column of shifting smoke. Princess Louise Caroline Alberta appears to share her story, then vanishes to return to her moment in history.

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