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Every Québec community has a little touch of Sorel.
City of Sorel-Tracy, Pierre-de-Saurel Caisse Desjardins, RIRÉRST

Sound & Light Show

Sorel-Tracy, Canada
Sorel-Tracy, Canada
This festive outdoor experience in Sorel-Tracy’s Royal Square, or Carré Royal, is a celebration in lights of the history of Dorimène Roy-Desjardins, a Sorel native and co-founder of the first credit union (caisses populaires) in North America.


Share the rich history of Dorimène Desjardins, who rose from humble beginnings in Sorel to become co-founder of the Caisses populaires Desjardins—founded in 1900, today the Desjardins Group is one of the leading financial cooperatives in Québec and Canada.

Also, revitalize the public space of Carré Royal, creating a free immersive show with the values of the earliest credit union forerunners to welcome and inspire community members and visitors.


The cadabra team looked at the timeless wonder of classic fairgrounds as an ongoing source of inspiration. Brilliant lights, intriguing music and a sparkling sense of whimsy bring the Carré alive, much like an old-time fair, using the surrounding majesty of the mature trees to integrate lighting elements and make the natural context part of the festivities. An audio track narrating the story of Dorimène Desjardins completes the sense of travelling through time, connecting audiences with the rich history of the site.


The creative consideration and attention to detail make the Carré Royal a truly magical experience destination that belies its modest budget, layering the beauty of today with a proud tribute to yesterday. The installation’s inherent fluidity makes it adept at evolving with the seasons or being used to highlight specific local events. To ensure this installation would be a lasting source of pleasure, the cadabra team integrated modern technology so all structural components resist four-season weather.


light bulbs were needed to animate Carré Royal

An experience created to enhance a place...

Instead of overlooking the site’s natural wonders, like the stately park trees, the team recruited them as part of the installation, showing both the project and the surroundings to their most beautiful advantage.

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