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An interactive journey into a future real estate development.
Lodha Group

Interactive Model

Mumbai, India
Mumbai, India
Just 45 minutes from Mumbai, Palava is an innovative community concept of tomorrow that cadabra brings to audiences today. A powerful mix of captivation and information, the Palava installation brings the anticipated real estate endeavour alive for visiting audiences.


How to bring a futuristic community project to the potential residents of today, sparking imagination while showcasing its commitment to superior quality of life and sustainable development? How to impress and educate, while providing an accurate picture of the accommodations and range of amazing services to potential buyers?


Seeing is believing, so the cadabra team crafted an animated 7.5m by 4.5m model of the community that mixes 3D video mapping with scenographic features to bring the Palava concept to life, communicating the concept behind the development known as “India’s most liveable city.”


Future residents are treated to a 5-minute presentation with a 15-minute interactive follow-up, all completely automated thanks to the model’s customized interface. It is effortlessly operated and designed to sustain updates over the coming years to reflect the progress of the city as it built, and five years later is still educating and wowing audiences.


people have lived the experience so far.

Palava, planned as the sister city to Mumbai, is modelled around the concept of 'Live-Learn-Work-Play'. To raise awareness about the magnitude and impact of Palava on one's quality of living and working, it was imperative to use the power of visual and experiential storytelling for our customers.

Shaishav Dharia Regional CEO, Lodha Group

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