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Explore the attractions of an inter-generational neighbourhood of the future.
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Lachenaie, Canada
Lachenaie, Canada
A voyage to a day in the life of District Union, a future residential complex where the services, assets and benefits of the community come to life under bright sunshine.
The District Union sales office boasts a cutting-edge way to deliver the in-depth experience of life in a new inter-generational community. A tabletop architectural model is controlled by an interactive device that lets potential residents take a virtual tour through a typical day - and night - in the life of their future community.

Throughout their journey, pencil etchings form and reform to create a dazzling glimpse through the future residence. With each new line and stroke, the neighbourhood and its surroundings emerge before the very eyes of visitors. Ambient sounds usher in landscapes around each building and structure, which are featured as 3D glass blocks. Moment by moment, the day unfolds. Sunlight spreads across the buildings and soft watercolours wash across the digitized tabletop which was developed in collaboration with object and space design studio Perron. Four different shades represent four pillar community benefits: culture and entertainment, health and well-being, green spaces and community services. With each interaction, the colours sweep through the model, highlighting features and bringing the future neighbourhood to life.


The main challenge behind the District Union project was to create an engaging architectural model as well as a powerful sales tool. The experience needed to transport visitors to their day-to-day future, going above and beyond rational considerations to create a lasting emotional impression. The installation therefore had to be part of a specific moment in the customer 's journey. By drawing on emotions, the artistic and poetic approach of this digital experience distinguishes it from other promotional efforts.


The District Union environment is set apart by its inter-generational attractions. To transport potential residents of all ages on a tour of the future space, the cadabra team produced an out-of-the-box sales experience via their interactive tableau. While this innovation in real estate promotion captures life in the future neighbourhood, it can also be adjusted and optimized for each client. At the touch of the interactive buttons, real estate agents can highlight the benefits that target a specific age group or audience.


The District Union interactive tableau transforms a real estate agency into a veritable museum space. Future residents can interact with the virtual neighbourhood, exploring it from various vantage points and learning more about how it meets their specific needs. The visual effects create a visit guided by the rays of the sun, while the sounds offer a soothing, relaxing backdrop to the sales office. The four shades underline the community attractions, adding a burst of pleasing colour to the information provided. The interactive, sensorial installation is both playful and artistic, allowing visitors to live a truly comprehensive customer experience.

A second architectural model appears simultaneously to highlight and animate Phase 1 of the project, which is currently available for purchase.

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