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The unveiling of the preliminary concept, the brand image and the media tools for the project Statera - The 104th Island was held today, in the experiential pavilion of the pier of the Sorel-Tracy ferry, in the presence of Mrs. Nathalie LeMay of RIRÉRST, Promoter of the Statera experience and of Mr. Jacques Larue of cadabra.

A unique immersive experience on the St. Lawrence River

Carried out by the firm cadabra, the fantastic experience will be featured in June 2018 on the Ferry Wharf of Sorel-Tracy overlooking the St. Lawrence River. This environment is at the heart of an archipelago of 103 islands in the Lac Saint-Pierre designated UNESCO biosphere reserve.

Statera - The 104th Island, will unfold in two parts :

A. An immersive and interactive indoor journey (day and evening) where the visitor dives into the universe of the Sorel Islands at night, a world set between reality and fiction;

B. An indoor multimedia projection in a dome at 360 ˚(evening), where the show relates the 375 years of history of Sorel-Tracy. By nightfall, this illuminated dome will create a distinctive luminous signature on the St. Lawrence River.

With this new major project, we want to create an innovative tourist attraction in the heart of the city of Sorel-Tracy and boost our economic activity.

Nathalie LeMay, spokesperson for the RIRÉRST

At the moment we are working relentlessly to establish the basis for a global and concerted tourist destination.

Benoît Théroux, president of RIRÉRST

At the event, cadabra, the company of artistic and technological creation, presented an overview of this concept never seen before:

We have completely immersed ourselves in the rich history of the region to propose an experience in which the people of Sorel will recognize each other but whose themes are universal, such as the fragile equilibrium between the natural and industrial worlds. With Statera, tourists and locals will have a colorful, international experience.

M. Jacques Larue, designer


The Regroupement indépendant pour la relance économique de la région de Sorel-Tracy (RIRÉRST) is an NPO founded in 1999. It is the promoter for Statera. Its mission is to develop, implement and promote an avant-garde destination concept that serves as a catalyst for a comprehensive tourism strategy, a key economic stimulus and a source of pride for the entire community. RIRÉRST has received funding from the Maritime strategy – tourism component, to the tune of 2.9 million. Eventually, 10 million will be invested in collaboration with the city of Sorel-Tracy to revitalize and reconvert the former industrial pier into a public square where the experience will be installed.

About cadabra

cadabra is a multidisciplinary creative studio whose mission is to turn knowledge into a show. Its team imagine, develop and produce captivating collective experiences that excite the senses and capture the imagination.

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